Mougins Hotel ****

Nathalie Mauche, her life in the background


Originally from the North of France, Nathalie Mauche has been living in Biot for twenty years, and devotes herself mainly to painting and photography.

She meets Jean Kirsch, formerly of the Montparnasse hive, and stays with him for a few years to study drawing and painting.

She will have the opportunity to approach animation by making two cartoons filmed frame by frame for Juana Production.

Sensitive to the world around him, painting, photography, writing stand out as real means of expression, allowing him to reveal his sensitivity, to freeze the magic of the moment, the details, the expressions...

Influenced by her family life, she first painted a series of naive and colorful portraits, close to the illustrations of children's books.

Today photography leads her to a different work since she approaches black and white painting, abandoning color to work more on shadows and light.

Its goal is to arouse confusion in the viewer's gaze, to provoke their sensitivity, to make them dream, using multiple techniques, collages, different palettes according to their emotions and inspirations...

Come and discover the entire exhibition in our 4-star hotel in the heart of Mougins!