Art de vivre by Hôtel de Mougins

Between flowers of multiple colors, lavender and olive trees, the Hotel de Mougins cultivates the art of living every day, inside a unique atmosphere, made of peace and relaxation.

Rich in its gastronomy ripened in the Southern sun, its architecture adorned with ivy and the quality of its environment, whose blue tint of the pool contrasts the green gardens, the art of living is a religion at the Hotel de Mougins and it is not surprising that it has decided to give life to art, inside and outside its walls.

Indeed, our hotel has taken the initiative to open its doors to art and to the many artists who exhibit their talent and their vision of the world. The purpose of this decision is to give these artists a showcase to share their work and to offer their clients an extraordinary experience by enabling them to discover art in all its forms free of charge in a privileged place.

In fact, the Hotel de Mougins aims to enhance the sharing on one hand, the discovery on the other hand, in order to create an exchange between the artists and you who are preparing your stay in the South of France.

Painting, sculpture, creations and design, the ephemeral exhibitions soak up the atmosphere and the artistic diversity is expressed all over the hotel, inside as well as outside.

“It is amazing to be an artists. They are crazy, like everyone else, but not really like everyone else. I have a weakness for them."
Françoise Giroud

The Hotel de Mougins too, and he understood that the art of living began with the expression of art itself. Wishing to make it accessible, this charming hotel in the South of France is open to all, guests and curious. Whether you are staying at the Hotel de Mougins or planning a weekend on the French Riviera, allow you a short stop to discover exceptional works in a unique setting.

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